Purchasing Power

by Peter Gikandi

An old salt relives the memory of a day when poor luck, some clever wildlife, and a simple dollar bill brought Toronto to its knees. It was the 60s, a decade that very nearly threw the grimy kitchen sink at the world. Ol’ Chuck never saw it coming.

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The Portfolio

by Brie O’Keefe

More than anything, David Tam wants to get into a good university. Certain his academic talents are not enough, he joins a school project to live on a dollar a day. He finally manages to fill his beloved portfolio, but unfortunately not in the way he imagined.

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by Tom Newman

It’s Halloween in Brooklyn. Eric and Lou buy a piece of junk from a homeless man, who says it reveals people’s true desires. Of course it couldn’t work. Still, they were always checking out women. Wouldn’t it be great to know just once who was looking back?

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Gresham’s Law

by Rishi Dastidar

“The best dollar you’ll ever spend,” promised the Craigslist ad. One click led to another. And a meeting in a cafe. But what was for sale there would defy all expectations.

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Thought Train

by Alexander Aspinall

The one dollar MegaSaverExpressReturn train ticket had seemed too good to be true. But it would have been difficult to foresee the demonic children, or the talking goat, or any of the nightmares beyond…

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Boys Town

by Vanessa Pelz-Sharpe

Claire was Steve’s top camgirl, but now she manages the website. After one too many days staring at the stripping girls and boys, she starts to get some bad ideas in her head. But there are rules. And costs. There are always costs.

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Bargain Dreams

by Anthony Price

What would you do if you walked into a shop where you could have anything you desire for only a dollar? That’s what Robbie has to decide at Mr Bouget’s Bargain Dreams. But something sinister lurks behind the curtain.

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